What is Ghost Producing?

What Is Ghost Producing?

What Is Ghost Production?

Ghost Producing it is a term used in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) industry, which applies when the author of a music composition is a musician or a group of musicians, but the composition itself is published under the brand name and attribution of another person (artist, musician, music group).

An Example Of Ghost Production Work

Martin Garrix states that his career has been shaped by his work as a Ghost Producer. One of the tracks he wrote and produced was signed to the famous music label Spinnin Records. The label found out from the artist who produced the track who the author of the work was, whereupon Martijn was invited to the label’s studio. At the request of the label Martijn provided some material, the same day the contract was signed with him.

How Is The Service Provided?

The service comes in several variations. It is possible to produce a track to order, using the customer’s idea. It is also possible to buy an already produced unique product.

The Cost Of Services

The cost of services depends on the type of production.

  • If it is an individual order, in most cases, the minimum cost is about 999 dollars or the equivalent of this currency. But very much influenced by the experience and fame of the ghost producer.
  • A unique product produced. In our store the minimum cost is 199 euros. You can see the catalog here.
How Popular Is The Use Of Ghost Producing?

Artists need to produce high quality and original productions, but due to busy schedules and scheduled time, there is a lack of time to write music. There are also times when there is a lack of knowledge in creating musical compositions.
That is why the use of ghost producing services is a frequent recourse.