Music faster and more efficiently


One of the most common problems among musicians is when it takes one week to several months to write one track. Certain tasks will help us to cope with this, during which the process will improve significantly.

1. Prepare the template. Template is a kind of workpiece that can reduce you minutes, or even hours, of your precious time. Create specific sections of leads, bass, kicks.

2. Create your own collection of the most used samples. Pick the most interesting and unusual presets.

3. Write music by analyzing reference tracks. Not every music producer, ghost producer, song writer can write music from nothing, this can help to you the reference.

4. Write music on certain hours. The most productive time is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. when our brain is set for productive activity. This may not seem to be effective, but when you devote your best time to work, then the result may surprise you. But many people like to work at night, when there is peace and unity with the music.

5. Exercise and eat right. Do not abuse anything, eat nuts, fruits. All this stimulates the brain and the rest of the body to do quality work.

6. Monitor the quality of your sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, then you are not tuned to the result. Do not go to bed too late.

7. When working, never pay attention to factors distracting off you. Turn off the phone, close your browser. If you are distracted this factors by something, your productivity drops, and, accordingly, the result does not satisfy.

The information provided contains only the most superficial and basic points at which you can speed up and improve the production of music. Much depends on your comfort and your mood for work.

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