Making A Tracklist For DJs

Making A Tracklist For DJs

How Does A DJ Can Make A Tracklist Set For A Performance?

It’s worth starting with the fact that each of us has our own preferences in music. And accordingly it is necessary to choose the music that you like first.
Many DJs are afraid to play their favorite music and play only popular tracks, but no matter when your favorite track came out you should play it.

And Now Let’s Move On To The Plan Of Making A Tracklist:

  • Determine the genres. There are various DJs, someone likes to mix genres from hip-hop to edm.
  • Choose tracks according to your preferences, but do not forget about the tone and bpm of each track.
  • Buy only licensed music, because you need to play quality tracks.
  • Understand how you want to play the set, make a list of tracks from beginning to end, for example, the first track will be this one, and the last one is another.
  • Prepare a set in advance, placing labels of the tracks, play your set, and even better, record it for later analysis.
  • We will also touch upon the need to understand the crowd when performing, do not dwelling on yourself, paying attention to them.
  • After the previous actions, be morally prepared for your performance.

These are only a few factors affecting on making the tracklist, but we have informed you about the most important ones.

Have fun parties. The main thing in our life is time and there is a need for training for everything. Even if you are not yet a DJ, you have everything for this.

DJing is a very interesting field of activity and each DJ is individual with his mixing technique and playing style. And most importantly, be yourself. Then you can fully experience the possibility of improvement in this and other matters.