Maarten Vorwerk

Who is a Maarten Vorwerk?

Dutch electronic dance music producer with more than 400 tracks in his discography.

What about books?

In 2017 and 2019 he released a best selling book Vorwerk – Tip Of The Week Part 1 & 2 full with practical tips.

Money or love of music?

Whіlе оthеr producer’s mіght dо іt fоr thе money оr thе fame, Vorwerk іѕ motivated fundamentally bу hіѕ love оf making music.

In 2019, Maarten Vorwerk released a joint track with the Portuguese duo KEVU. And in 2020, a joint track with Jimmy Clash and Da Knightshiftah.

Life for your own pleasure

Maarten Vorwerk lives in Aruba with his family. For him, the main thing is the production of music. He said that it’s enough for him when the music written by him is played in the best clubs and at the best festivals in the world.

Maarten loves to travel. He enjoys attending music festivals such as EDC Las Vegas and the Ultra Music Festival.

Writing music is very interesting and for many it is the meaning of their life, it shows how important music is for them. And accordingly, how music affects our state. In his example, we can see how much music can affect our lives, regardless of what you do in the music industry. The very bottom line is that not all music producers want to be associated with DJing, but you have the opportunity to do your favorite thing and earn a living from it.

Everything we do makes sense when it affects the lives of other people, here’s an open-ended example of music production. The diversity in creating genres of electronic dance music can help you improve your music writing skills. You will be happy when people listen to your music, when they dance to it. Everyone of us will have their own listeners and followers.

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