How to write music when there are no ideas?

How To Write Music When There Are No Ideas?

How to write music when there are no ideas? Very often, musicians are faced with such a problem. And it seems that it is worth the wait and everything will normalize, but this is far from the case. We made a list of how you can find ideas for write your music when they are not.

1) For some time, do not make music. Go for a walk, watch a movie, generally do anything, but not music.

2) Listen to the music of other musicians. Perhaps some idea comes to your mind. And you write a terrific track again.

3) Watch the training video, some master class.

4) Engage in your samples, delete unused ones.

5) Play video games, maybe you will get the idea of ​​writing a track where Lara Croft travels under the Big Room.

6) Chat with people, but it may sound strange, but sometimes this is what we miss.

7) If none of this helped you, just try to sit down and start writing music. Sometimes the best ideas come spontaneously. An example of this is Martin Garrix’s Animals track.

Not everyone will be able to pass this period with the help of these tips. Each of us is different, and therefore we need to find our own approach to such situations. Now is the era when you can write music everywhere, no matter where you are, the main thing is how much you want it.

After all, all people, regardless of their type of activity, experience professional and personal burnout. Love music and do it for us as a designer to work on design layouts. You can find a way out of any situation, even when it seems that there is no way out. Write music, be yourself, live your best life. Good luck with everything.

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