How To Send Demos To Labels Correctly

How To Send Demos To Labels Correctly

There is a way for music producers to release and promote their music through record labels. But getting a release is not as easy as it may seem, which is why we’ve written an article on how to properly submit your records and make your music stand out from the rest.

The Quality Of Your Demos Music For Labels

When interacting with music labels, it’s not enough to just have unique and exciting music. Creating a composition to fit the label’s style should be considered before sending a track. In most cases, it doesn’t make sense to send a festival track to a chill out music label. In addition, send exclusive works, never heard before, with a private listening link. Everyone needs original works.
Even second-rate labels get overwhelmed with the demos they receive. You need to simplify the work of A&R management. You should send only your best and freshest work. When submitting a track, include your artist name and song title.

A Brief Biography

Get right to the point, state your offer.

A Representative Letter

A gracious letter will increase your chances of being heard. It will take some time for the label to listen to your demo. If the record company really likes your work, they will probably ask you for more songs. If necessary, send the rest of the tracks you have.

Social Media

Make sure your social media accounts are up to date. A record label can evaluate and check your social media to be sure of you.

Important Points

With these important points, you can show your demos for consideration by record labels. Don’t bother them if you don’t get a response. You will hear the word “no” repeatedly when you send out demos. Don’t take it personally, don’t be disappointed in yourself. When a label rejects your demo, most of the time it comes down to the fact that your music doesn’t fit their style, or that the label doesn’t have enough room in their schedule for new releases. If you get rejected, review your demo, decide if you could have done something differently, and then learn from that and move on to the next demo.