How to promote yourself as a DJ? How to become famous?

How To Be A Famous DJ

How To Be A Famous DJ


Questions contain answers that are very interesting to think about. First of all, you need to determine what kind of DJ you want to be, what kind of music you will play and release.
Each of us is somehow connected with music. Someone writes her, someone listens to her, and someone plays and sells her. If you intend to win the hearts of millions with your shows and music, then you need to think about creating and promoting a personal brand.
A personal brand plays a huge role in promoting you as an individual

You need to produce quality music. It doesn’t matter if you write yourself, or someone help you in your production. The main thing for you is to release this music.

You need to conduct social activity. Take a look at all eminent DJs such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Aoki. All of them are socially active, upload photos, videos from their shows, give interviews. And yes, you can say how can DJ be activity? Even if you do not have huge budgets for the development of a personal brand, you can upload videos with the music you release, lay out moments from life, share experience with others. Your task is to show people that you are also a person. People love when other share information with them, when they are provided with something new.

Send Your Music To A Radio Show

Supports of renowneds DJs play a huge role, many promoters, labels, managers listen to radio shows. When people hear your music, they learn about you.

Give people topics for discussion. People really like to discuss something. Come up with interesting topics that will intrigue users.

Start building your team gradually. In any case, you will need people: a personal manager, booking agents, smm managers, a photographer and many others. At first, it will be difficult to find people, since in most cases DJs at the beginning of their careers do not have the ability to pay people their work, but everything is in your hands.

Start investing in yourself, study, invest in a personal brand. Hire a designer, let him make you a logo. Hire a photographer who will make you promotional cards. Find a web designer, you need a website, when you have a website, it means you have serious intentions.

Learn languages, you don’t have to be a polyglot. But if you don’t know English, the first thing to do is to start learning it, without it you will not be able to communicate with other people who do not know your language.

Start Traveling, Attend Conferences, Parties, Festivals. Meet People, Be Sociable.

Declare about yourself, everything is in your hands and only in your hands. It will be very difficult, difficulties, problems, stress, lack of funds. But if you really want it, never stop.

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