House Music Structure

House Music Structure

Structural Element Tracks & House Music Structure


Firstly, in House Music Structure, intros and outros usually include a percussion part, and some melodic elements. Sometimes the intro is small and just introduces the listener to the track. The main purpose of the intro is to introduce the listener to the track, and prepare him to listen to the main parts. Melodic elements should not reveal the melody at the very beginning. It is literally a few notes of an instrument. The intro sets the theme of the entire track. This part is usually underestimated. The outro in turn completes the track.


This is also often called the pit. This is supposed to be a softer sounding part compared to the other parts of the track. It introduces minimal melody and sound design and is quite often very different from the dance part (main or drop). The main purpose of the Breakdown part is to soothe the listener, and give him a breather before the next parts. Very often, the pit is put almost in the middle of the track. In some tracks there are even a few pits.


Now comes the fun part. In the buildup you enter the entire melody. Plus some of the parts of the dance part (drop). This is where you build up the energy. Each of these parts should start to rock the listener and get them ready for the dance part. It’s worth noting that many people make the mistake of making this stage more energetic than the dance part of the track. Just sustain a slightly less intense version of the perception from this part than from the dance part (drop).


This section uses the main melody, the most delicious, and explosive thing the listener was prepared for. Very much in this part there can be more percussion, relative to the other parts. The same goes for the other parts: bass, leads, pads, etc. Just make sure that this is the most striking and memorable part of the track.

In EDM genres, you can copy and decompose the structure to your liking. But if you listen to all music, track structure is everywhere.

This structure uses the principles of the structure of dance music, namely House genres.