Ghost Production

Sell The Ghost Production Track?

How Can I Sell The Ghost Production Track?

How sell the ghost production track?

In order for you to be able to cooperate with us, you need to study all the information on our website. Your track must be completely original, without no unauthorized multi-tracks or samples.

Ghost Producers must familiarize themselves with all the necessary requirements. Which are stated in the following sections of the use of our service:

The next step you need to prepare the files. Information on how to properly fill a ZIP file can be found on pages such as:

What Are The Conditions Do We Offer To Ghost Producers?

  • You can offer the track price you want, ranging from €299 to €999. The final cost is negotiated and set by the manager of the company.
  • You will receive 70% of the final cost of the track.
  • Don’t need to look for clients, we do it for you.
  • You can earn without any limits.
  • An incredible way to realize your own potential.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.

Working with us will allow you to significantly improve your performance in the production of musical compositions. Ask us for help in selling music, we will try to help you.

Filling Out The Ghost Produced Form

Fill in all the necessary information and upload the ZIP file to our service via a simple submission form. And send us your application for consideration.

Timeframe For Review Of Ghost Production

Within 3 days your application will be reviewed by our manager and you will receive an answer. If your application is approved. We will discuss the organizational aspects and sign the legal documents. Afterwards, the products will be delivered to our marketplace.