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Standart Track – Link

Vocal Track – Link

Read our Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions – Link

Track Name – Link

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FAQ – Link


    1. Before naming a song, follow this link and read the naming information.

    2. Upload a 320kbps MP3 file to SoundCloud or Dropbox, SoundCloud uploads must be private upload.

    3. When sending a track, you set the desired cost of the track in the range 299 € – 999 €, while the final cost of the composition is agreed and set by the company’s management.

    4. If the composition is approved for sale on our service, you need to send us a certain package of files with a download link. The package must be uploaded to Dropbox. If the package is not executed correctly, the management of the company will notify you of this (and we do not comment on the reasons for refusing to accept the package).

    5. After checking the package for correct filling and registration, legal documents will be sent to you for signing.

    6. Please note that the manufacturer bears full legal responsibility for the information and materials provided.

Before submitting, check your files and the information you provided.

We reserve the right not to upload a composition if you provide a non-working link or violate any other rules for sending a track.

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