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FAQ For Ghost Producers

Most frequent questions and answers

Not If You Have Entered Into Contractual Agreements With Us.

If You Violate This Term Of This Agreement, You Will Be Legally Liable.

From 299€ To 999€

The final cost of the track is agreed upon and set by the manager.

Currently Producers Receive 70% Of The Final Price Of The Track.

You Can Only Do This If The Composition Has Not Been Sold, And The Rights To It Have Not Been Transferred.

In This Case, Even If The Composition Has Not Been Sold, We Will Not Remove It From Our Website Or Terminate The Contract With You Until More Than 3 Months Have Passed From The Moment It Was Uploaded To Our Platform.

Your Reward Will Be Paid To Your PayPal Account.

You Will Get Your Earnings Within 30 Days As Soon As Track Is Sold. But The Payment System May Have Delays, Which We Cannot Influence In Any Way.

You Must Have PayPal Account To Get Your Money.

You Can Use Non-Exclusive, Royalty-Free Samples.

You Can’t Use Construction Kits.

You Can’t Use Ready-Midi.

You Can’t Use Unauthorized Samples.

You Can’t Use Unauthorized Vocals.

FAQ For Buyers

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Once A Track Is Sold, Will Not Be Available For Listening Or Purchase To The Public.

Yes, The Buyer Maintains 100% Royalties Of The Track.

No, After Purchasing A Track You Are Not Able To Return It.

At This Moment We Don’t Sale Projects Files.

Yes, Tracks Include 100% Royalty-Free Vocals. 

After Purchasing The Track We Will Send To You A Contract.

To Clarify This Information, Contact Us Through The Contact Form, Having Previously Indicated The Name Of The Track You Are Interested In.

After Purchase The Track We Will Give You Download Link On DropBox File.

You Have 90 Days To Download The ZIP File.

Yes, After Purchasing A Track On Our Platform, You Can Resell It To Third Parties.

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