FL Studio & Fruity Loops

FL Studio & Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops From Image-Line

The first version of FL Studio was developed for Image-Line by the programmer Didier Dumbren (known by his pseudonym “gol”); it was partially released in December 1997. It was officially released in early 1998; at the time, it was a four-channel MIDI drum machine. Dumbren was appointed chief developer of the program, and it soon underwent a series of major improvements that turned it into a popular digital music studio.

Since its introduction Fruity Loops Studio has seen 10 major updates and FL Studio 10 was released in March 2011. The programmer Arguru and DJ and composer Joel Tommas Zimmerman, alias Deadmau5, participated in the creation of various editions of FL Studio.

On April 22, 2013, FL Studio 11.0.0 was released. This update brought with it a number of fixes and improvements; as well as changes that had been made to the beta versions of the program.

April 22, 2015 saw the release of version 12 of the program. It completely redesigned the interface, which became vector and scalable. Also, a multi-touch function was added to the mixer, and the procedure for installing and searching for VST plug-ins was changed.

Next Versions Of The DAW

The next version of Fruity Loops Studio followed the twelfth at once with the 20th number. The main reason for this step is the 20th anniversary of the DAW. Its release took place on May 22, 2018. In this version, Plugin Delay Compensation was improved, the ability to change the musical size throughout the song was added, the ability to work with multiple arrangements in Playlist, the number of tracks in Playlist was increased to 500 and in Mixer – to 125, some functions that were available in earlier versions of FL Studio (Step Sequencer Graph Editor, legacy precomputed sampler effects) were returned. Also, starting from version 20, FL Studio officially supported macOS.

Available for use on mobile devices, Windows, and iOS systems. At the moment, the company offers several versions, such as: Fruit Edition (budget version for $99), Producer Edition ($199), Producer Edition + more advanced plugins ($299), FL Studio + includes all features and native plugins ($499).

It is currently released by Image-Line Software.