How can Ghost Production help you grow as a producer?

The producers wonder how Ghost Production can help them? When you produce songs for other producers or DJs you have your advantages: 1) You develop in your business. You are constantly learning and improving in your production. 2) You earn decent money. Doing your favorite business you earn money, what could be better? 3) You…

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How Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected edm industry

COVID-19 The spreading COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the edm industry.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, major festivals such as the Ultra Music Festival Miami 2020 and Tomorrowland Winter 2020 have been cancelled.But our industry has found a way out. DJs as Don Diablo, Diplo, Kura started recording and streaming their sets so that people wouldn’t…

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Ghost Producer

Who is a Ghost Producer?

Ghost Producer Ghost producer is a music producer who composes and produces music for other people like DJs. He does his job for a fixed fee. The producer signs a contract to transfer all rights to the compositions to another person for a fee. The advantages of this work are that musicians can produce music…

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