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Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren MasterClass

Armin Van Buuren

If you want to see how the production of world hits works by music producer and DJ, we advise you to watch his masterclass.
Video course from Armin Van Buuren as well as Benno de Goeij. The course has 33 lessons with a total duration of 7 hours. The course shows not only aspects of studio work, but also interesting details of DJing.

MasterClass Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

01) Introduction
02) Finding Melodic Inspiration
03) Building Your Home Studio
04) Templates & Organization In Logic Pro
05) In The Studio, Part 1 Melody
06) Working With Pads & Leads
07) In The Studio, Part 2 Pads & Leads
08) In The Studio, Part 3 More Leads
09) Creating A Groove, Part 1
10) Creating A Groove, Part 2
11) In the Studio, Part 4 Adding Groove & Bass
12) In the Studio, Part 5 The Big Payoff
13) Mixing & Mastering, Part 1
14) Mixing & Mastering, Part 2
15) In The Studio, Part 6 Cleaning Up & Mixing

16) Mix & Arrangement Case Study – Be In The Moment
17) Arranging
18) In The Studio, Part 7 Percussion & Arranging
19) In The Studio, Part 8 Building The Drop, Reviewing The Track
20) Working With Lyrics & Vocals
21) Vocal Session, Part 1 Tracking
22) Vocal Session, Part 2 Comping
23) Vocal Session, Part 3 Editing & Mixing
24) Singles, Club Mixes & Edits
25) Approaching Your DJ Set
26) Building A Set Edits & Mashups
27) Using The Decks Basics
28) Using the Decks Armin’s Techniques
29) Performance Tips
30) Hosting A Radio Show
31) Armin’s Early Influences
32) Starting and Growing Your Career
33) Closing

If you want to see how the production of world hits works, we advise you to watch masterclass from Armin Van Buuren. You can purchase this video course here. The course will be very interesting for musicians and DJs.

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