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What Is A Ghost Producer?

A ghost producer is a music producer who produces music for others. The composition created by EDM Ghost Producer will probably be bought by another person and later used to release music under his own name. The ghost producer transfers the rights to the song for a fixed price. After the transfer of rights, he is not indicated in the composition credits, does not receive any royalties.

How much do ghost producers make?

On our Exclusive Ghost Production platform, we sell tracks from €299 to €999.

What are ghost producers?

Ghost producers are specialists who produce music for others. Their music can be purchased by such persons as: DJs, music producers, artists.

Who uses ghost producers?

Many big-name DJs have achieved their status thanks to the support of Ghost Producer. The reasons why DJs use these services:
1. Lack of time
2. Lack of technical skills
3. Lack of creativity
4. Reluctance to write music

What are edm ghost producers?

EDM Ghost Producers are the people who deliver outstanding tracks. Their services are in high demand as most artists need help creating a track. It often happens that several people are working on a track.

How to sell EDM ghost productions?

You can join us by putting up your compositions for sale.

How to become a ghost producer?

Ghost Producers must familiarize themselves with all the necessary requirements. Which are stated in the following sections of the use of our service:
1. Terms & Conditions
2. Privacy Policy
3. FAQ
4. Become A Ghost Producer Requirements

The next step you need to prepare the files. Information on how to properly fill a ZIP file can be found on pages such as:

1) Become A Ghost Producer
2) Standart Track
3) Vocal Track

What Is Ghost Production?

Ghost Production it is a term used in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) industry, which applies when the author of a music composition is a musician or a group of musicians, but the composition itself is published under the brand name and attribution of another person (artist, musician, music group).

Ghost Production Market

Who Is A Ghost Producer?

A Ghost Producer is a person who produces music anonymously for another artist or DJ.

The music produced is released by the artist, so all the rights to the music go to him, and the producer, in turn, takes a portion of the profits from the music or a fixed fee for the work done.

Many people think that hiring a ghost producer is unethical.

For others, however, it is important to provide good music to their fans, regardless of how it is produced.

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